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2018 Travel: International Destinations

So 2018 is right around the corner! 2017 was an awesome year of great travel experiences with new friends, important travel lessons learned and new networks and friends to link up with in new destinations!  This past year I traveled to Cayman Islands, Barbados and Belize as well as domestically in the U.S.  An unfortunate error in booking my U.K. trip had me missed the famed U.K. Rumfest so it will be on this list along with some other places

Some of these are confirmed, others just desired destinations and/or not booked yet but we’ll see. Also stay tuned for part 2 for my rum specific event travels!.


I’m not sure what the weather will be like in the states in January, cold for sure, but who knows if there’ll be snow or not. Regardless, for a few days Martinique will help me escape from that and kick off the New Year with some great island vibes.  The French Caribbean island is major rum destination for rum and I definitely look forward to experiencing one of the staple rums there as well as hopefully a distillery tour.  I’m excited for this trip, a chance to chill with friends and really soak in the French Caribbean culture.



I can’t say that Greece was on my top billing as places to visit.  Of course I’ve heard it referenced sought after destination by rap stars, in entertainment articles etc.  Rick Ross even has a song out named after “Santorini”, for whatever that’s worth. I’ve seen beautiful photos great capturing the beauty of Greece.  As somewhat of a comic book and fantasy geek I look forward to seeing the ancient Greek ruins and taking pictures throughout the scenic countryside. This will be my first trip to Europe in over 20 years, and I look forward to it!


May//Berlin//Karneval der Kulturen

No this isn’t a typo or a misprint.  I’ll be hitting up both Berlin and Greece in the same month! During my stay in Greece I’ll be hopping over to check out Berlin Carnival. For those who don’t know I’m technically a military baby, born in Frankfurt, Germany while my dad was in the army. One of the biggest Carnivals in Europe the “Karneval der Kulturen” (Carnival of Culture) is not just a celebration of Caribbean cultures but the numerous cultures present in diverse Berlin.  I never expected that my “homecoming” of sorts would be via a Carnival but I’ll definitely take in the experience!



My first true carnival experience in 2016 and an island I love so much and cannot wait to return! In 2017 I had an even better experience bringing a close college friend along as well as linking up with some other carnival goers from the Carnival Jumpers crew. For those of you who are carnival newbies, or perhaps those looking to diversity their carnival experience Barbados is the place to be.  Set in the first weekend of August before most schools starts, and the weather changes in the states, its more than enough time to prepare, especially for those who couldn’t make it to Trinidad carnival in February.

The vibe of the island can’t be beat. Please believe when I say Barbados will spoil you with their hospitality, the copious amounts of beaches along its coastline, and nothing compares to the beat of Barbados soca. Some may not know the difference but when you and your crew hit the road and mashup the parties you can feel the authentic BIM (Barbados) culture in the music for sure.

More destinations to come!

There’s definitely more travels in store for 2018 including a myriad of rum events, distillery visit and destinations domestically that I’ll cover in Part 2 of this post!

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