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Flashback RumBahamas 2016 pt.2: Detour to John Watlings Distillery!

The first official day of RumBahamas.  After a workout at the local gym I washed up and headed towards downtown Nassau for the Rum Festival. Armed with the map I printed out from the festival I was ready to go!

RumBahamas 2016 Event Map

By mistake I got off a few stops too late but landed in the right area to walk to John Watlings Distillery. Open from 10-6 pm everyday and until 9 on Fridays for tours, The John Watlings Distillery offers a free tour for their distillery as well as tasting of their rum products.  In this case their 2 year Pale Rum, 3 year Amber Rum, and 5 year Buena Vista rum. One key thing I learned about the rum industry in Bahamas in general is that they do not have a sugar industry, so they have to source their cane from other countries. 

After touring the distillery we came to the end near the bar where you can taste all three rums and order a frozen drink. I’ve never been a big pina colada fan but the pina colada’s here were great!!  Blended with their Buena vista rum, cream of coconut, condensed milk, and pineapples it was heavenly. 


Notable awards for John Watlings include
Gold Medal at The Fifty Best, New York City (Buena Vista Rum)
Silver Medal at Rum Bahamas, Nassau. (Pale Rum

Stay tuned for more posts for RumBahamas and a full review of John Watlings in our rum section!


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