Flashback: RumBahamas 2016



RumBahamas 2015, what a great time! I had already started my journey into the rum festival circuit with the Summer of Rum Festival in Tampa two years ago and I had decided to visit Nassau to check out Rum Bahamas festivalrumbahamas.com.  With two previous experiences traveling to the Bahamas under my belt, as well as a good college friend living there that recommended coming down, I figured I’d dive in and check out the three day festival.

I had also planned on meeting the Caribbean Soul Trekkers after connecting with the travel enthusiast group on Facebook.  Since 2007 they’ve been mastering the art of traveling the Caribbean, and I was coming to meet them and witness how they operate. First things first though as I needed to check in to Sandyport Beaches Resort in Nassau. A nice small resort not too far from the festival (one can catch a 10 min bus ride), and right across the street from the beach.  The staff was very friendly and helpful, although all Bahamians I’ve met when visiting were friendly to me. The area close to the resort itself had everything a tourist needed from nearby convenience stores, boutique shops to purchase some beach gear, as well as a great gym Club One Fitness Centre that I loved going to in the mornings.



SandyPort Beach in Nassau


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Entrance to the Sandyport resort and shopping areas

Now that I was checked in, unpacked, and explored the nearby area, I was ready for the next day my first international rum festival! One of the great things about Rum Bahamas that I’ve noticed right away was the event schedule posted on the website. This event is from 11 am – 11 pm EVERY DAY. So there’s ample enough time to check out the desired entertainment, taste rums, and attend educational talks as well.  After reviewing the schedule I was ready to go!!

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