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i have a passion for culture, travel, and people especially as it relates to the Caribbean :). My fondness of rum came about through memories and great times shared with family and friends as well as in my travels. There's a deep history, as well as pride, associated with rum and their respective countries. I invite you to join me as I learn more and more and share my experiences with you :)

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RumRunners vs Barbados Pt.2: Tiki Bars & Rum Conversations @ Accra Beach, Barbados.

By on August 28, 2016

Although I was fresh off the plane with bags checked in on my first day I was fortunate to get a ride from the hotel owner for my first official trip to Oistins Fish Fry.  Similar to what I’ve seen at the Fish Fry in Nassau, Bahamas this is a place I recommend everyone visit, especially when you’re looking for a bang for your travel buck. Also don’t forget its about 2 Barbados dollars (BBD) for every 1 US Dollar, so with proper budgeting spending cash will not hurt at all. The area is lined up with all types of vendors from the obvious seafood options, ice cream, etc.  You can’t go wrong with checking out Mo’s Seafood for the win :).

Also if you happen to be in a cooking mood, there’s a neighboring fish market where you can purchase some fresh fish for your next meal!

A quick shot of Oistins

A quick shot of Oistins Fish Fry


Fried shrimp, fries, and a little rum punch from a stand at Oistins Fish Fry

Fried shrimp, fries, and a little rum punch from a stand at Oistins Fish Fry

During my first day in Barbados I pretty much relaxed at MoonRaker Hotel, but fortunately I was able to linkup with Ms. Cheryl Collymore.  Cheryl is an expat from the U.K. who decided to exercise her Bajan citizenship and move to the island of her family’s origins. With a background in engineering working for numerous big name companies in Europe she’s put her expertise to good work for Caribbean businesses including distilleries.  This is key as Cheryl is the founder of the Beer and Rum festival in St. Maarten.



The Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival takes place Nov. 4th – 5th in St Maarten. Click the picture for more details from the site!

Going into her 6th year of the festival overall, and the 2nd in St. Maarten, she set out with the purpose of providing an easy way for Caribbean based rum and beer brands to market their products to the masses. Not every company has the massive marketing budgets of a brand like Heineken or Captain Morgan. What impressed me the most is that the event was originally based in Barbados, but after obstacles were encountered she didn’t quit, she upped and move the event to a whole different country, first to Grenada and then to St Maarten. Amazing and inspirational at the same time for anyone wanting to host and push their own festivals.”

During our talk we of course had a bit of rum including El Dorado, Doorlys 12 year, and Cockspur Rum from the Tiki Bar in Accra Beach. Out of the 3 the Doorly’s 12 Year Rum was definitely my favorite and we intend on doing a rum review of it soon!.  After a great and inspiring talk she was kind enough to drop me home but not before introducing me to something called fried “seacat”.  Now I was a little thrown off by the name but as it turns out “seacat” is really just another word for octopus and it tastes great!!.  There was a late night stand serving it fresh with some hot spicy sauce and its texture was a little chewy but actually tougher then a fried calamari or conch. I loved it!  If you do go to Barbados ask someone where you can get the seacat on your way to silver sands!! It won’t disappoint!!


Fried Seacat late at night!