RumRunners vs Barbados: We’re Here!

Wow Rum Runners International came to Barbados with the idea of conquering the island and I’ll have to concede this round to Barbados.. My goal was to go into this trip was to get there early before the CropOver festivities, in order to explore the island. Although I think I did an admirable job there was nowhere near enough time to explore this beautiful island. Not that this is a problem by any means, I’ll just have to get a rematch. I’ve spent 7 days in Barbados and I loved every minute of it!!

So before I breakdown into MULTIPLE posts about my experience let me give you some tips that I’ve learned in enjoying this great island.

Hotel/Accommodations: This really depends on who you’re traveling with. For me I was traveling alone and meeting friends in Barbados. So I got my own hotel on the southern tip of the island. A nice little place call MoonRaker Beach Hotel. Ran by a friendly U.K. expat named Steve, the accommodations are good for people who want to be somewhat remote on the island but still want to reach the main areas like Oistins in little time. This location provides those who don’t care too much about big name hotel locations and plan on spending their days on the beach, near the pool, or in and out the city. The only main issue is access to the city when I want it.



Car rentals are affordable and easy to get at about $50 USD per day and may come in handy when you want to tour the town. On my next trip though I hope to bring friends and will more than likely get accommodations near the St. Lawrence Gap and Accra Beach areas. These areas tend to be close to a lot of the action near the beach as well as still relatively close to Oistins and not too far from Bridgetown. I highly recommend these areas if you want to be close to action. One caveat with driving is yes you drive on the right side of the vehicle and the left side of the road. This was my first time. I would NOT recommend it if you area already a suspect driver. Also you will get tired, drivers are courteous in Barbados, but getting caught up in traffic as well as focusing on the change in driving styles is taxing.










Tours: To be honest I didn’t take ONE tour. Part of this is because of the car rental, and once again it’s CROPOVER. It was very hard to try to physically get up early on the weekends while attending cropover parties the previous night. This is a major reason as to why I’ll be returning, tours are easy to find and will pick you up right from your hotel/residence. From the Mount Gay distillery tour, to tours around the island, tropical/floral tours, boat tours, there’s pretty much everything here to take advantage of.

..Stay tuned to my next entry Money, Food, and Drinks in Barbados.

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